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              Mitutoyo Objectives
For information on Mitutoyo Objectives, please download PDF.
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½ Ideal as a microscope unit of a prober station for semiconductors
½ FS70L supports three types of YAG laser wavelength ranges (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm)
½ FS70L4 supports two types of wavelength ranges (532nm and 266nm)
½ Allows for laser cutting of thin films used in semiconductors and liquid crystals
½ Brightfield, differential interference contrast (DIC) and polarized observations standard with FS70Z
½ FS70ZD supports darkfield observation
½ Inward revolving nosepiece for long working distance objectives
½ Ergonomic design
½ Erect-image optical system
½ Enlarged fine focus adjustment wheel with rubber grip coarse adjustment knob
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½ Brightfield/darkfield mask inspection microscope
½ Accepts all Mitutoyo ultra long working distance optics
½ Reflected light only or transmitted/reflected light stand
½ Large stable base and frame
½ Plan apochromat infinity corrected strain free optics
½ Ultra long working distance objectives
½ Two trinocular body tube design available
½ Accepts differential interference contrast (DIC) accessories
½ Slot in lamphouse mount for various filters
½ Several sizes of wafer mask holders
½ Selectable power input
½ Quarts halogen illumination
½ Optional brightfield/darkfield illumination
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½ Controls designed for ease of use
½ Improved eyelevel lens for fatigue free use
½ Newly developed 300mm cross-travel stage
½ One-body frame with high-rigidity and high vibration-resistance for high-magnification observation
½ Super-wide field of view eyepieces
½ Equipped with the double-sliding mechanism for both bright-field and dark-field observations
½ Unique optical system offers a clear image without flaring
½ Popular long working distance objective lenses
½ Reflected and transmitted illumination ½ Koehler illumination
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½ Measuring microscope
½ Body with high-rigidity
½ Eyepieces with a widefield of view
½ Light focus system
½ Digital readout of 0.001mm
½ Longest measuring stroke
½ Quick release system and high accuracy digital scales
½ Brightfield observation, clear and flareless erect image
½ Long working distance objectives
½ Infinity correction optical system, same as FS series
½ Bright/dark-field observations, polarized observation and DIC
½ Focus and measure using fine/coarse movement handle
½ Built in x and y axis zeroset switches
½ Inward type revolver with 4 lens mount
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½ High zoom function
½ Ideal for a prober station for semiconductors
½ Equipped with the built in zoom lens with a magnification of 0.25x-10x
½ Special high N.A. objective
½ Offers continuous image of 100-4000x on a 15 inch monitor
½ 10 models to choose from
½ Equipped with a unique sliding revolver
½ NIR/NUV/UV objectives available
½ Customized specs such as polarization and DIC observations available
½ See PDF for more details.
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